This is a Privacy Policy Page for CloudViewNMS Agent/CloudWeb App on Goggle Play  (requested by Goggle)

CloudViewNMS Agent App for Android requests the following permission(s): CAMERA, RECORD_AUDIO, BATTERY, WIFI, WIFIPERSISTS
and maybe OTHER sensitive permissions. These permissions are required by the nature and specifics of our application and should be
clearly understood by the end user. If you do not understand the technical reasons why we request these permissions, please do NOT use
our applications: they are clearly not for you. It is important to understand that the information/files collected via the permissions NEVER
reach our servers. It is NOT AVAILABLE to us and correspondingly
can be available on the CloudView NMS/CloudWeb server, which is totally under the end user control. The IP Address of the CloudView
NMS/Cloudweb server to connect is configured directly through CloudViewNMS Agent App GUI. By setting this IP Address end user makes
the above sensitive information available on the server. CloudView NMS (as a company) never has this information/files and
correspondingly cannot share it with anyone. CloudWeb App does not request any sensitive permission. Also we state that our Android
apps are always free and do not contain any in-app purchases.  Our apps  communicate over Internet and correspondingly the potential
user data exposure risk is the same as using ANY Internet application (like web browser). To minimize the risk configure your CloudView
NMS/CloudWeb server
to use HTTPS (secure protocol) and strong passwords.
CloudViewNMS Agent Privacy Policy