This is a Privacy Policy Page for CloudViewNMS Agent/CloudWeb App on Goggle Play  (requested by Goggle)

CloudViewNMS Agent App for Android requests the following permission(s): CAMERA, RECORD_AUDIO and maybe other sensitive
permissions.  It is important to understand that the information/files collected via the permissions NEVER reach our servers. It can
be available on the CloudView NMS
/CloudWeb server, which is totally under the end user control. The IP Address  of the CloudView
/CloudWeb  server to connect  is configured directly through CloudViewNMS Agent App GUI.  By setting this IP Address end user
makes the above sensitive information available on the server.  CloudView NMS ( as a company) never has this information/files and
correspondingly cannot
share it with anyone. CloudWeb App does not request any sensitive permission(s).
CloudViewNMS Agent Privacy Policy