CloudView NMS: Download
CloudView NMS Installation Module
MS Windows 32 bit / 64 bit  (legacy, but
still supported with latest features, ask
support, before using this one)
56 MB
MS Windows 32 bit/ 64 bit, Enterprise
version (this is the version
recommended for MS Windows)
162 MB
Linux-x86 64 bit  (see Linux notes below)
To download: right mouse-click on the link and
select 'Save Link As'
125 MB
Linux-x86 32 bit  (see Linux notes below)
128 MB
Apple Mac OS X
109 MB
Multi-platform expert mode any-Linux  
installation (
detailed instructions for
Raspberry Pi as example)
37 MB
Download Free  30 days Trial for the platform of your choice. After installation, make sure to read at
least  "Quick Start" information found in the root directory. Installation modules are native executables
for the corresponding platform.
You do NOT need any registration or password to run the Trial.

The Trial becomes full commercial unlimited version when the license password entered. If you
already purchased CloudView, e-mail your license password request to
You can purchase CloudView via Buy Now button on our  Home page.

Download problems? See:
Download Problems
1. Ask us about other platforms. Even if you do not see some platform above, we can still provide  the
solution. E-mail to
2. Linux: installing/running CloudView NMS Server on systems without GUI/X11: linuxquckstartnogui.txt
3. Linux: installing/running CloudView NMS Server on systems with GUI/X11: linuxquckstartwithgui.txt
Agent Installation Module
MS Windows 32 bit / 64 bit
Linux-x86 64 bit
See instructions
Linux-x86 32 bit
See instructions
Apple Mac OS X
Android phones/tablets
Multi-platform any-Linux installation
see quick start instructions for
Raspberry Pi as example)
When access to managed devices is blocked by a corporate firewall, network address translation (NAT
Private IP Address) mechanism or managed devices do not have a permanent IP address (i.e. DHCP) ,
CloudView offers
optional agent software which can be installed on the devices to overcome the
above problems without VPN. Agents are good to be installed on and monitor VPS (
see here).
Currently we have agents running  on any Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOS computer and Android
phone/tablets. When running on Windows/ Linux, it allows to monitor CPU, RAM, Bandwidth and File
Systems usage. User can set thresholds on the above resources  usage and receive corresponding
events in logs and as e-mails. Please see Agent manual (found in the agent root directory after install)  
for more details.
Optional Agents
GUI Client Installation Module
MS Windows 32 bit / 64 bit
Linux-x86 64 bit
Linux-x86 32 bit
Apple Mac OS X
The GUI client is optional, because you can always access CloudView functions remotely from any
system with Web Browser via rich HTML-5 GUI. The GUI has different flavours for desktop and mobile
systems.  However, there are some customers who still prefer full-blown windows interface vs. Web
Browser Interface. The Independent GUI Client is aimed for such customers. It is supported for
Windows, Linux and Mac. The dialogs are almost the same as they are in the local server GUI.
Optional Independent GUI Client